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Anyone familiar with FGP procedure 24? (Chrysler Fiat)

In the PPA for FCA under Tooling Development (item #2D) it says FCA owned tools shall meet the requirements in FGP procedure 24. I have searched on esupplierconnect's bestandard site with no luck. Is anyone familiar with this? Does anyone have a copy or can tell me where to find it?

Thanks in advanced!


Captain Nice
Staff member
Re: Anyone familiar with FGP procedure 24?

Just to clarify...

FCA = Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
PPA = ???
FGP = ???
Re: Anyone familiar with FGP procedure 24?

Hi Marc,

PPA = Process Planning and Audit (formally the PSO)
FCA = Yes, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
FGP = I don't know this one


A Sea of Statistics
Re: Anyone familiar with FGP procedure 24?

If FCA is your immediate customer, I urge you to contact your SQE for guidance, or continue to search the eSupplier Connect site which is pretty complete, the document you are referring "may" outline the FCA owned tooling marking, identification ensure proper payment etc, the FCA tooling marking must comply with the requirements.....
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