Anyone have templates for FDA GMP Guidelines for supplement manufacturers?


Hi, wondering if anyone has the actual "templates" (that I fill out) on the GMP guidelines for supplement manufacturers.

I googed and thankfully found your website this thread which as luck would have it, gives a lot of templates for SOP's for aspects for herb tincturing, which is my product.

(I just tried to post that link but the system won't allow me to, as I'm new and don't have 10 posts in order to post links.)

As well, the link included some templates for SOP's for the Warehousing, Quality Control, Raw herb, and more, which is perfect. So I have those images and information links.

But I can't seem to find templates to write myGMP guidelines. (Yep, I do know I can hire a consultant, but I'm doing as much as I can on my own.)

THANKYOU beforehand.

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