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Anyone help finding root cause like photos?



Re: Anyone help finding root cause like photoes?

Our process saw problem differce surface of electronic part (Arm Damper) . Why it had differance surface (Found 12 by 1200 piece)
Stainless is material after stamping
Can you please provide more details? Do you guys manufacture the arm damper or are you receiving the defective one from your supplier?
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Re: Anyone help finding root cause like photoes?

The picture is too small to really see much. Are you saying the surface finish is wrong? Was it a random issue or did they all appear at once?

Perhaps a lack of coolant caused the metal to "flow" differently on a few parts? Incorrect surface on the coil of steel to begin with?


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Re: Anyone help finding root cause like photoes?

We are manufacture arm damper sir. These came from customer complaint about differance surface. Process begin with stamping then cleaning ECD and Packing to customer.
It is not easy to spot the difference in so small a picture, but the surface of the abnormal arm seems to have more gloss. Is that correct?

Is there any tolerance for surface roughness or gloss level?
Does the surface in question have any practical function (other than holding the part together)?
Did you observe any difference in surface gloss on the raw material (i.e: did it appear during your operations or earlier in the process)?



did you check parts of stamping die?
from pic to see, one is a printing, one is not printing; so i guessed that the parts of die is damaged or changed

refer to you only
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