Anyone know of an on-Line Bachelor's degree that work with Quality


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I have an Associates of Applied Science and now I am looking to upgrade to a Bachelor's degree (after 20 years) but want to continue working while I work to get it. Since I want to continue working, I am looking to get the degree from an accredited on-line University/College.

Does anyone know a good on-line degree and College that I can do from home that will help in Quality?

Since I know some people will ask: There are several reasons I want to get the Bachelor's degree. I earned my AAS while I was in my very early 20's (and I was very arrogant--I have since learned to keep it hidden better) and I think I can learn 'more' now that I have experience to back up the teaching. There is also the fact that I like having 'long term' projects/goals and this will be a good long term goal. Then there is also the fact that I believe this will help if I ever decide to move on from the company I currently work for.


I have just gained my Batchelor's degree through the Open University and can highly recommend them
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