API Q1 - (b) - Initial Supplier Evaluation—Critical Purchases


Dear All,

As per API Q1 - Section (b) -
verification of the type and extent of control applied by the supplier, internally and to their supply chain, in order to meet the organization’s requirements;

How we can show compliance to supplier's internal controls and their supply chain without auditing the supplier. In few cases supplier are not ready to share their internal supply chain procedures also.

Rene Minassian

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Hi Jayendra, let the supplier fill out a questionare which covers your defined requirements for the needed product or service. You could question your supplier if they apply controls to their supply chain, if they have a procedure in place, or more detailed question to groups of products and services such mechanical tests applied etc. etc. In short, compliance can be shown by a filled questionre covered your defined needs, if not audited. Hope that helps.....


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