API Q1 9th ed Addendum 2 - Vendor Assessment for critical products


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In your post you mention that you are talking about critical suppliers. Section is for "noncritical purchases" where section is for "critical purchases". I might be misunderstanding but I think you may need to focus on

Have I understood you correctly?
Dear Mr. Eredhel, This is Neeraj, working in Oil & Gas based company as a Quality Control. I have a same issue in regards to assessement of critical vendors According to API Q1 section addendum 2, we have to follow section a, b & c . According to section C : 1) Performing an on site evaluation of relevant activities, ( we never do ) OR, 2) Performing first article inspection ...... (we perform on just few materials because for many materials it's not possible , for example: steel bar, API Dope, protectors , copper plating/ Zn / Mn chemicals...etc), 3) identifying how the supplied product, component or activities confirms to stated requirements when limited by proprietary, legal and or contractual arrangement. (for almost materials we just follow section 3 by confirming materials against material COC, MSDS, certificates and other legal documents). Recently one of our customer audit interrupted us and ask to follow either section C.1 or C.2 only, not C.3 (because according to auditor section C.3 not applicable for us) . Please help me to explain section C.3 to clear my doubt . Sincerely Thanks
The intent of c) 3) is that you can only use it if you are unable to perform 1 or 2 due to "proprietary, legal, and/or contractual arrangements". For example, if you are purchasing a proprietary thread (so you do not know the required dimensions and therefore can't do a reasonable first article inspection) and your contract with your supplier doesn't allow you to visit their site (so you can't perform an on-site evaluation), then you can use c) 3). If you are able to perform 1 or 2, then 3 is not intended to be an option for you.
Do you have any "proprietary, legal, and/or contractual arrangements" that prevent you from performing an on-site evaluation and from performing a first article inspection?
Due diligence established by the original Purchse Order, I.e. Contract, should insure full documentation of the original manufacturer regardless of the number of suppliers it goes through, It should also contain documented audit and full traceability
I got API Non-conformance:
Verification of control on supply chain has not been made evident for any of the sampled critical supplier.Verification of control on supply chain has not been made evident for any of the sampled critical supplier.
Evidence: Facility has included the requirement of API Q1 -9th Ed. Add. 2 in procedure but, no mechanism has been documented to verify controls on the supply chain.Also verification of controls on supply chain is not evident on any of critical supplier.
Help: Kindly provide a sample copy of procedure to overcome issues.

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