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Re: API Q1 9th Edition license Europe

Does anyone know who will provide certification in Europe for API, QMS system is being set up in a european division to API Q1 Nitnth edition.
Any contact info would be welcome.
Here is what API quoted in their recent letter to me (we are in the UK):

Quote: "We will expend every effort to use a local auditor(s), in an effort to keep auditor costs as low as possible. API conducts annual full-system audits. API has auditors in United Kingdom.
Just wondering...Do any of you use this API written checklist for your own internal audits?
I made one that is just all of these clauses in excel but would rather just use what they use - it's clean, to the point.
Does API mind that you use it? Do you give them credit in some place within the QMS as authors?

We are newly monogrammed so I'm still learning the intricacies.
For a long time, many companies used it without alteration (some auditors even suggested using it) and API did not object. Recently, they decided that you have to remove their logo from it and make sure it is controlled by your document management procedure (possibly assigning it your own document number and revision number) if you do use it. If you use it without removing the logo and the auditor sees it, they will likely write a finding on it.


Starting to get Involved

Anyone has the Audit Product Questions from API Monogram Auditor? If applicant apply for API Monogram 6A and 6D, we have to answer some technical questions to ensure that the facility has the capability to comply.

The basic or minimum requirements for Facility are spelled out in the API Spec. 6A.
Were you successful in obtaining the monogram license?

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