API Q1 9th Edition - My Experiences (A Diary)



Prerequisite is that you 1) conduct an internal audit and management review prior to submitting for application, 2) have at least 6 months of a QMS in place so you have something to audit. I submitted our application after only having 3 months of data, because it usually takes 6 months or so before they can come out and audit you.

The amount of employees is not an issue. It is very common for each person to hold multiple job titles.

The very best thing you can do to gain knowledge is an internal audit. PM me your email address and I'll email you the audit form API uses when performing 9th edition q1 audit. They have no problem with every company using the same form as their own, assuming you remove their logo and put yours. I've already gotten permission.

It will all come together and make sense when you do internal audit. This is WHAT we say we do, this is HOW we say we do it, and this is all the EVIDENCE proving we do what we say and say what we do.

Time for preparing and maintaining just depends on how organized your system is and if you ensure everything is routed through you


Thank you & Appreciate your reply

Our organization is practising the forms & procedures with respect to the ISO 9001: 2008,do this comply with API Q1 or it differs.Also is it compulsory to go for training for API spec Q1 before certification.


API Q1 8th edition and ISO 9001:2008 were married at the hip.

API Q1 9th edition divorced itself from ISO. I know for certain you can be certified for API Q1 9th and that exceeds the ISO. But I do not believe the ISO 9001:2008 is sufficient for the Q1 9th due to all the changes the 9th introduced. Maybe the ISO 9001:2015 would be sufficient, but I don't know.

You should really just buy the spec from tech street, get a copy of the audit form, and go from there.


Hello everyone, ask for advice. By your experience, what record would be most
suitable to include identification of, or reference to, products
and/or components deemed critical to the design in accordance
with the request Spec Q1 t.5.4.3 d)?
Thank you...


looking for management of change advice. Do most of you have 1 central person manage this..assign numbers,etc. Or do you designate each manager monitor their own. QM oversees procedure changes, HR oversees critical personnel changes


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From what I've seen FMEA forms only cover risk treatments and not contingency plans, if unless, you have a form that does include them both, then yes, got for it! What I find convenient to use are blanket forms (the idea I got from elsmar! ) Maybe you should check that out or if you're interested I could help you out with it.


Hello guys, hope everyone is OK. I have passed API Spec Q1 and API 5L audit 10 April, I have got 5 NCR and need your help, just now we are preparing Risk assessment, do you have any completed RA form related Q1 or Pipe mills?


Hello can anybody help me about filling API Q 1 conformity matrix?
I have got form but need help to fill this form .
If anybody has complete conformity matrix would you help me?
thanks in advance
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