API Q1 9th Edition - My Experiences (A Diary)



Hello Everyone :bigwave:!

I'll start by saying that this forum is excellent and I have found answers to many of my questions without even asking, So thank you very much!

I am Quality Coordinator for a small company that manufactures Rotary Shouldered Thread Connections (in Venezuela). our system is based on ISO 9001:2008 and we are adjusting to API Q1.. so, yes. It's a big leap!

Currently we are beginning the process in order to request the audit, and I have doubts about filling the conformity matrix. Is there anyone who saved the one you sent to API, and can share it? (so I can use as a guideline)

Thanks in advance

fayyaz NDT Level 3

Dear Amanda,

We have an upcoming audit and I will answer your question after Feb 28. Thanks for contacting.
Dear irshad Khan,

I need your support to API Q2 quality manual and procedures.

Please help.


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