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Is there an API Q1 approved training course that is truly "certified" to make one an API professional ?

I gained extensive ISO 9001 experience while working in the UK and have recently been appointed to work with a Houston based machine shop in order to transition from their current ISO 9001 status to API Q1 certification. unfortunately my API Q1 9th knowledge is minimal..

There appears to be a number of 3-4 day courses available in Houston related to API Q1 some of which claim to be "certified" some do not & some claim there is no such thing as being a "certified" API Q1 professional ?

Does anyone on this forum know the truth about this ?

Also can anyone recommend the best training available in the Houston area ?

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Just an FYI - A while back there were some people in the oil business who visited this forum, but it was never a big draw. API and oil industry professionals are welcome, but getting industry specific advice here is difficult due to lack of oil industry visitors.


As others stated go to API.org to get a list of companies who provide the training through the API-U. You receive a "certificate of completion" that has the API logo when you complete the course.

The only certification through API for quality is for auditing. There are different levels and it's a combination of classes, audit performances and a test.

There is at least one company that claims their students are "certified". This is not approved by the API though. It's more of a tracking network that you completed the class. Please note, when you take an API-U approved course the API can always be contacted to verify if someone took the course. They track the students.

I am biased as to who the best training provider is since I work for Qualified Specialists, Intl. We are located in Houston and Bud Weightman, our President, teaches many of the courses. He's been involved with API since 1989.
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