API Q1 Certification for Design and Development company



Can an organization which is considered the corporate office with project and quality management and design & development only (product is a design package) become API Q1 certified?

Big Jim

I don't have much to do with API since the Q1 went to the 9th version so I hope others will also speak up.

If you don't manufacture product, I'm not sure why you would want to encumber yourself with all the Q1 enhancements. ISO 9001 may be the best standard for you.


Most companies want to become Q1 compliant in order to get their product certified to one of the many API standards, 12F, etc. That being said, you can get certified to Q1 without it if you want to. You will have a hard time showing evidence that you comply with say "non-conforming product" if you don't manufacture. Same with verification of purchased product if you don't purchase products. Quality systems like ISO 9001 are much more appropriate for companies that don't produce products. Can you give more information on why you are looking at Q1?
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