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Hi all,

permission to ask here and have a proper explanation regarding our problem.
my name is prayudha. my company have an API Q1 and API 4F license. we have request from customers to built 4F products and monogrammed and proof load test. the problem is they want us to perform load test on their location because the related equipment (such as engine, transmission, drawwork, etc) to test the products can not delivery to our facility (due to still use by customer and due to delivery cost). we are aware that after load test we need to perform further inspection as per Annex A API 4F and the product shall be marked SR2 plus load test ratio. we are worry because in our opinion, the monogram marking/name plate and SR shall be marked/attached on product in licensed facility area, when we perform load test and put the name plate and marked SR2 in customer area , do we violate the API monogram program? if this will be violate the API monogram requirement, how can we fix and explained to customers?
FYI, the products sent to customer from our facility is already finished product.

i am really appreciate for any input and suggestion from members here

lanley liao

Lingli Liao
I agree with Jmech. Table 1 in the API alternative marking arrangements program has been clarified that .....at a different facility owned by the licensee`s company. So it might violate the API Monogram program.
3. Marking Agreement: If the API Monogram is applied by a party other than the original API Licensee, or at a facility not identified on the original API License, as per any scenario detailed in Table 1, the Marking Party shall enter into a contractual arrangement with the original API Licensee that ensures that final products meet the appropriate API specification(s). The marking party shall also obtain an API Monogram Alternative Marking Agreement, prior to marking any product with the API Monogram.
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