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What are the prerequisites/qualifications for the person assisting an Organization to revise their quality documentation to be API Spec Q2 compliant?

Can anyone help me with a reply against the above request?
The API Spec Q2 Standard does not have any specific requirements for that, but, I would suggest you have a look at this presentation by Stacey Hagen – Global Quality Team Lead, from ExxonMobil. Pay close attention to slide #19, where it reads:

What API Spec Q2 is NOT:

•It is not a manual with new buzz words that you present to your customers.
•It is not a cross reference between your management system and your customers or to the API Q2 Standard.
•It is not a template that you fill in and claim compliance.
•It is about Service Quality and Risk Mitigation supported by metrics and actual service provider performance.
I am sure that the people authoring API Spec Q2 want to send a strong message that a Quality System is NOT a collection of manuals, procedures and instructions. Too many people mistakenly correlate a quality system with a collection of documents.


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Hi Marc:
I am unfamiliar with the reference to 'Bump'? Can you explain? I may be able to help.
"Bumping" causes a thread to go to the top of the list in a thread listing. The purpose is to bring someone's post to our Members attention and encourages them to respond. Does not always work though...


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Jan is sort of the "Bump" person here (for which I very much Thank him), but any help is always appreciated.

When someone starts a discussion "thread" and after a day or so there isn't any reply, adding a post to the thread "bumps" the thread which moves it to the top of the "recent threads" listing. The idea is to try to get answers to questions that are missed, or more typical there aren't many (if any) visitors here who are familiar enough with the topic to be able to provide an answer.

There is an easy way to find threads with no answer. There is a link in the Search menu which is in the navigation bar on each page. It is labeled "Unanswered Threads"

However - It is essentially a search for all threads with only the starting post. So - Once a thread has been bumped it will not appear in the search results even if there is no answer after the "bump". That is the drawback of that search link.

I admit I don't do it as often as I should but many days I will click on Jan's Profile and Search for all posts Jan has made. If I see a result with only 2 posts (the starting post and Jan's "Bump" post, I will bump it again.

This is one of the difficulties in a forum (in many forums, actually). Someone asks a question and doesn't get a reply. I know I find that in a lot of forums when I'm searching for things. A link in a search engine shows up, I click on it and there are no replies.

It can be a particularly difficult thing here because a lot of people ask questions about things which aren't "popular" here. For example, there are some threads on gas & oil industry things but not many people from that industry visit here so, unlike a question about ISO 9001, it may or may not get an answer.

Any help you want to give will be welcome!


i'm not new here but very seldom reply to any thread.

recently our company decided to go for API Q2, we are an OCTG ndt inspection company based in Malaysia.

i need some info on API Q2, the last time i get an info from their rep that it is not yet certified to any companies n the US. and based on that i think it is still a long way to malaysia. we didnt even hear any trainings on that yet.

since it is October now, do anyone have any info to share on this?



API University has stated that they are the sole authorized trainers ,who will designate trainers to deliver on their behalf in Nov. Likely start Jan 1 2014. However, I did design a program that was approved by API-TPCP, before I received notification of the authorized training changes.


Can we implement the system based on our understanding or is there any noncompliance if we are not trained on it?

i thinks for someone familiar with QMS, there should not be much problem understanding Q2 extra requirements.


That my friend...I cannot address. However, there is no harm in implementing and doing the training when ever they are ready.


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Our potential customer conducted a second paarty audit based on the API Q2 Specification -QMS. It is basically an ISO9001 audit. If your ISO based system is mature then everything should be fine. The audit was processed based. the auditor walked through the facility verifying inpur, outputs and records. It is a good audit.

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