API SPEC 7-1, 7-2 and 5 CT implementation


sami alibi

HI experts
I was recently assigned in apposition to implement the API SPEC 7-1, 7-2 and 5 CT in our machine shop,
I'm not familiar with these standards as I'm coming from operation side. could you please help me on what are the steps that have to follow in order to make the machine shop following these standards, are there any documents, gap analysis files, procedure to follow ....
I have the API specs I'm reading them but not sure how will I proceed to make this happen at least 80%
thank you for the help


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Hi Sami,

What do you plan to have as the scope of your license? Application of the contents of your product specification standards is directly linked to the scope that you have in mind.

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I am looking for help on this subject as well. We are applying for just being a threader. 7-1 seems to be pretty clear but 5CT is very confusing to me as it bunches pipe manufacturers in with the threading requirements. It jumps back and forth on what is needed for marking requirements.

Is there anyone out there that has gone through this process and can help clarify things?
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