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Kindly help me in this NCR,
API auditor was found material specification for 4130 not updated and not matching with API Q1& API 6A requirements.

[ Correction ]
• Material Specification MSPEC was updated (Rev. 02) on 01/06/2022 to match API 6A latest edition

[ Root Cause Analysis ]
• Material Specification was not used to match material against API 6A requirements, as the API 6A material
requirements book was used to match the material certificate with the required specification for API 6A, and
accordingly the material was accepted.

[ Corrective Action(s) ]
• Assign new task to QC inspector to record the actual value of the material received from material test
certificate and compared with the specified limits of material taken material specification qualification.
• TG-QMS-FAC-F017 Pre-liminary material inspection report was revised (Rev 01) dated 01/06/2022 to ensure
that material received match API 6A latest edition requirements.
• Access QC using of material specification when receiving materials (revised form TG-QMS-FAC-F017-REV.01
pre-liminary material inspection report).

[ API Response ]
Your Root Cause Analysis is a general restatement of the finding. Please re-investigate the nonconformity more in
depth to determine the root cause and then describe the corrective actions taken to prevent the identified root cause.

So I need help to respond him
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I'm guessing you don't have any training on / experience with problem solving techniques? Is there anyone on your team that might? Soon as I read your initial root cause analysis, I thought you were just re-stating the problem... which I see the auditor flagged as well.

It seems you're missing the "analysis" part of things. What did you do to arrive at your conclusion of what the root cause was? I've always found it helpful to "show your work" on the analysis. Often it's a 5-why analysis but you can also use other tools like fault tree analysis, fishbone diagrams, etc.
Without knowing a lot more background, it's going to be impossible for anyone outside to help you with this analysis. You may want to hire a consultant to help you through these findings and give you some training on the techniques.


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API 6A requires you to have a material spec and to include specific requirements in that spec. Implicit in this requirement is that your material spec correctly address those requirements (include meeting the appropriate edition). Regardless of what your QC was checking material against, you are required to have a (correct, updated) material spec.

Why didn't you have a correct, updated material spec?

Keep on asking why until you get to a level where making a corrective action will prevent this finding from recurring (i.e. what do you have to do to ensure that you will properly update your material spec the next time that API 6A is updated?).

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Lingli Liao
I fully agree with Yodon & Jmech. I recommended that you can find a way from section 4.4.3, control of documents in API Spec Q1.
Good Luck!
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