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Hello! First of all I am very thankful for this forum and for all the helpful people in the discussions, I learned a lot and found answers for my questions without the need of asking them. However there is one question I can't seem to find the answer despite excessive research on the internet.

The issue is this: We are cement manufacturing company, recently we want to produce oil well cement besides our other product types. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified from DNV-GL , QMS Scope defined as "Manufacture and Sales of cement". Now we want to apply for both API 10A monogram licence program and API Spec Q1 certificate in order to be able to sell API-approved oil well cement. We want our API Spec Q1 certificate to apply only to our oil well cement production, not other cement types. From my research the API Spec Q1 certificates for cement companies define the scope for all cement types like "The scope of this registration and QMS applies to oil well and portland cements". So my question is is it possible to choose the certification and audit scope for API Spec Q1? Or does it have to include our all product?

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Welcome to The Cove, ferize. I tried looking for a ruling in the API Spec Q1 published interpretations, but did not find anything relevant there.

In principle, you should be able to limit the scope of certification with any certification body, as per ISO 17021-1, but I suspect API QR will attempt to convince you to transfer your ISO 9001 certificate to them, while they are the only ones approved to issued API Q1 certificates, as far as I know. In other words, they will sell you on the benefits of one stop shop, one audit, two certificates. That's my guess.

Good luck.
Thank you very much!
But they can not force me to redefine my certification scope, right? Or deny my application and not audit me if I only want Spec Q1 to be applied to my oil well production, not the whole production lines? Because as per APIQR Registration requirements I have to put information regarding "desired registration scope". I would like to know if anyone ever had their API Spec Q1 certification scope only for their oil-gas related product.
API will likely want your Q1 scope to include all of your products that could be used in the oil and gas industry. They should let you exclude cements that are not intended for oil and gas use, but they don't always do what they should. You will need to contact them to clarify. Keep in mind that the staff that you communicate with likely are not cement experts and may not have much understanding of the different types of cement.

Because API owns the API monogram and APIQR seems to be the only major CB issuing API Q1 certificates (note that APIQR is ANAB accredited for ISO 9001 but not for API Q1), APIQR is a bit like a monopoly and may treat its customers accordingly.

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