Applied Parts Classification Clarification - Breast Pump


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I am looking for some guidance with regards to applied parts classification.

I have an electric breast pump device that very broadly consists of a mains adaptor, pump unit and breast pump horn (this is in contact with the patient and is connected to the pump via a tube).

Am I correct in assuming the breast pump horn would be an applied part? If so would this be a B or BF classification (I am leaning towards BF)?

Secondly would the breast pump unit be classed as an applied part? This has buttons for switching the device on and changing pump speed.


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My short answer would be: BF and class II power supply to avoid fixed installation for home use. This is under the assumption that this is a ME equipment.

A part of the base unit would need to be part of the BF barrier, but that is only a guess and would depend on the implementation of the pump system.
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