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We a multi-location organization that have identical hardcopy procedures and work instructions at each location approved by management at each location. As we move towards electronic documents on our corporate intranet, how do I reflect the approval of a single electronic document for multiple locations? Hope the question is clear enough, if not I will try again.




I have found that the Q-Pulse system by Quality America works great for document control. I have been using it for 3 years now. I can specify who get the document to review, approve and sign off on. Everyone can read all procedures on line but i control who can edit them etc. No changes can be made unless I ok it.
We use this system to control all quality records for our company.


I'm also interested in how to control same documents (eg procedures) in different sites.
Could you explain Q-Pulse (or another specify) software; how to work Review, Approve, Sign-off and Obsolete phase.



ISO-X-PERT with Lotus Notes is a good program. Used it for 2 years at a previous employer. very easy to set-up and maintain.


Another good package is by Quality Systems International. It's a Lotus Notes application that is not just for document control, it has databases for all elements of ISO, QS, and ISO 14000, depending upon which package you purchase. It, too, handles electronic routing and signatures, plus it sends escalation emails to appropriate personnel if something is past the requirement, such as gages past the calibration date, corrective actions past their short term action date, or a procedure sitting in someone's inbox for approval and that person is on vacation.

It can be a bit pricey, but if you're running Notes already and really want to look above and WAY beyond simple document control, it's an excellent program.

No, I don't have any stock, nor do I work for QSI, but I sure wish I did! Here's a link for anyone who would like to check them out:
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