APQP and Dod Product Qualification Program (Production Line Qualification)



I think APQP and DoD Product Qualification Program (Production Line Qualification)are almost the same. Can someone help me to find out their differences? If the aim and implementation of both are same, why there is a need for Product Line qualification (product Qualification Program? DoD want defense suppliers to qualify their products?Can suppliers use APQP to qualify?Why can't they use?APQP and DoD Product Qualfication Program are almost same in content.
I exactly find out why there is a need for Product line qualification, is it diffrent from APQP in scope?


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I cannot tell you the differences. The last time I worked on a United States Department of Defense project was just prior to the Gulf war in 1990-91. Back then we wrote Quality Assurance Program Plans (QAPPs) which were written specifically for a contract. At that time qualification was contract specific, but most items were subject to a product specific Mil-Spec. There was even a Mil-Spec for chewing gum. As an example, Mil-C-28809 was "Circuit Card Assemblies, Rigid, Flexible, and Rigid-Flex".

In 1994 the US government 'embraced' ISO 9001 as opposed to Mil-Q-9858 and related 'quality' Mil-Specs (which were obsoleted). There is a file in my Implementation package which describes this (Mil-Spec_Reform.pdf).

I have never seen where the automotive APQP process was contrasted to DOD acceptance, but as I say it has been some years since I was involved in government manufacturing (and I have no desire to return - too many people looking for spies and bulls__t like that).

So - unfortunately I cannot help you. In my days of DOD projects the criteria was different for every contract.


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By the way, production line qualification is only one part of the automotive APQP process.


I think I know of the mil spec that you need. It is Mil-STD-1916 "DoD Preferred Methods for Acceptance of Product". If you will send me your e-mail address, I would be glad to send it to you.
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