APQP Checklists - Process Flow Chart Checklist, PFMEA Checklist, Floor Plan Checklist



Does anyone know if all APQP checklists (for example: Process Flow Chart Cheklist, PFMEA Checklist, Floor Plan Cheklist, etc.) are required in the new QS 9000 edition.

My registrar asked me to at least comply with the forms.

I've not seen this requirement in the new Edition and in the APQP documentation.

For my point of view those checklists are just tools that you have to use as needed, except for Team Feasability Commitment Form wich we must use.

If the Registrar is right, we are introducing a lot of new parts each year. So we have done a lot a PFC, PFMEA, Control Plan. It's like asking my people to confirm each time that they still know how to do their job...

Any opinion or experience with audit with QS 9000 3rd Edition.


Howard Atkins

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I cant see anything in QS that changes what is written in the APQP booklet.
Most checklists are refered to as "can be used" 3.3, 3.7 etc, despite this 2.1 "The design FMEA checklist in Appendix A-1 should also be reviewed"
The connection between using these checklists and the PPAP documentation is non existent, you must have the PPAP in place.
I agree that repeated use of the checklists makes for tiresome work and gives a feeling that we already know it all.
Try once every 6 months going over the checklists to see if you can get anything new out of them. There is always a cjance that a review will give a different perspective.
Build your procedures so that you can check them with the various reviews that you do, we have added the Feasability commitment into our contract review checklist.
We have occassionaly been requested to submit the checklists by our customers.

B. Maynard

We do products for a wide range of customers and even if not required I still have
all of the items you listed posted at every machine.Control Plans,Gage R.&.R., Flow charts, X-Bar, p-Charts, Operator and Q.C. special instructions, Copy of Controlled B/P etc. I Use Qual-Tec Stands to hold all this Info.
Even If not required it shows you have your Total System in place. It makes the Registrar
As Clint says " Make my Day." Right Mark

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Howard, I agree with your comments.

We are not Design Responsible. For the Team Feasability Commitment, we doing the exercice before going in PPAP to be sure that everything is OK before going further.
The idea to link it we Contract Review is interesting.

In the same idea, does someone use the Product Quality Summary and Sign-off (APQP Appendix F). Does your Registrar look for this form? We use something different, little bit less detailed but meeting the intent.

It's mostly a production release. We are looking the Run at Rate results, Scrap rate, Cpk, PPAP results. It is signed by our President (who is also reviewing our quotations (4.3) - we have linked our Contract Review Procedure with our New Product Launch Procedure)and also the Plant Manager.

What do you think about this approach?



Howard Atkins

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We have a procedure that the engineering department are responsible for the part untill the end of 0 series.
We then have a meeting in which the production takes responsibility for the part. During this meeting we have a check list that includes parameters such as work procedures, part production sucess etc, etc. If the production do not feel that the part is really ready and the process stable they can refuse to take it. We then produce an action plan to correct the issues.
This is not excactly appendix F but similar.It is the last meeting of the APQP team.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Anyone have a 'standard' PPAP ' submission checklist in excel?



I think that you have it in the Partcertall.xls file. ( See the last sheet )




Hey guys,

Sorry if i get into this thread too late. I saw you speaking about the file partcertall.xls.

You know, when I try to use this workbook it prompts me with a password but i don't which is this.

Do somebody knows this password or can somebody tell me where in these threads i can find it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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