APQP for Distributors


T. Black

My company is a distributor to automotive OEM's. We are implementing QS-9000 but are having trouble relating APQP to a distribution operation. Does anyone have any suggestions on how a distributor should address this area of QS-9000 or if we need to address it at all?

Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
The demands of APQP are based around cusomer satisfaction and performance correctly all the time
All of your activities are describable and can be made into a flow chart, FMEA can also be done on all your activities.
There is no real difference between your activities and a manufacturer. Try to follow the list of activitues that are in the handbook and find their relevance to you.

Dan Larsen

Just a few thoughts to maybe help get you thinking...

1)How do you select the products you distribute?

2)How do you select the vendors for those products?

3)Do you have a repackaging operation?

4)Consider incoming inspection of the items you stock.

5)Consider filling orders as an operation to plan.

To help get in the right frame of mind, remember that the P in APQP can be for either "product" or "process".
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