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APQP Gates_Project/Product Localization

Hello Community,

In a Multinational Company (Automotive Industry), frequently we are looking to localize a projects/products to help the company to achieve its overall business objectives. For this purpose, we need to be prepared for the IATF Audit/Customer Audit. Here below my questions:

1- Some Projects/Products have been delevloped along time ago, we don't have any delivrables for previous phases. Do we need to prepare all APQP Gates (All delivrables), or we need just to start from Phase 3/4 of the APQP ? "Seeing that we are starting from Industrialization".

2- In case that we need just to start from Phase 3/4 , how we can justify the non appliance of previous phases ? Is there any procedure/evidence telling this ?

I thank you in advance for your usual support.

Kind Regards,
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Howard Atkins

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When you talk about localisation do you mean new suppliers?
Are you design responsible?
does what you are doing fit into Design and development changes - supplemental
The organization shall evaluate all design changes after initial product approval, including those
proposed by the organization or its suppliers, for potential impact on fit, form, function, performance, and for durability. These changes shall be validated against customer requirements and approved internally, prior to production implementation.
If required by the customer, the organization shall obtain documented approval, or a documented waiver, from the customer prior to production implementation.
For products with embedded software, the organization shall document the revision level of software and hardware as part of the change record.
You can refer the previous documents and review them as
8. 5. 1. 1 Control plan
The organization shall review control plans, and update as required, for any of the following:

g) when any change occurs affecting product, manufacturing process, measurement, logistics,
supply sources, production volume changes, or risk analysis (FMEA) (see Annex A);

i) at a set frequency based on a risk analysis.
You must talk to your customer anyway and document what he wants

Don't get too complicated


A Sea of Statistics
Echoing Howard's sage input....requirments are requirements, but the customer always has latitude to add and subtract based upon local circumstances...
I thank you all for your feedbacks.

But, i believe there was a misunderstanding, please let me clarify this subject.

"Products to localize are already shipped to customer via Buy & Resell, we buy products from other plants of the Group and we resell them with margin, Now we hope to produce them in our plant to enlarge our margin"

FYI: We are not Design responsible, hence when we ask for documents of development phases our collegues says that there is no paperwork for this process as it was launched for years ago. And we need to present those new processes to the Auditor for the next Audit, how can we justify to the auditor the delivrables unavailability?

Thanks for your reply.

Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
Staff member
Change of production process requires new PPAP and you have all the deliverable referring to your industrialisation of the parts.
Don't think in terms of gates or stages but in terms of the standard
Have you performed feasability studies?
Have you inputs?
Have you a plan?
Are you developing the production process?
All these are the requirements of production process design.

Thinking of the auditor is wrong and you should be thinking of what is needed for you.
The customer is the key and obviously he must give permission for the move
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