APQP - Is the APQP process supposed to include process changes?


Kevin Tan

Hi all,
This may seem to be a naive question, but is the APQP process supposed to include 'process change' as well, as opposed to only introduction of (or changes to) a new product.

By process change I mean changes in work / manufacturing method, which does not affect the design record (drawing, BOM, etc).

I couldn't find clear references to 'process change' in APQP manual. But I know this is included in PPAP.

Thanks in advance for your kindly assistance.

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Hi Kevin!
In the QS9000 3rd Edition, 4.9.5, you are to maintain records of process change effective dates - and consult your customer for submission requirements.

In, it mentions customer originating changes and the need for an updated PPAP.

Most importantly, in, it states convening multi-diciplinary teams to prepare for production of changed products. These teams should use appropriate techniques identified in the APQP manual (or similar techniques that accomplish the intent).

When you change a process, don't you want verification that the product has not changed negatively? So prove it, utilizing the appropriate methods listed above.

In fact, I have an "APQP Checklist" that has a specific section for "Product/Process Changes" and such. SEE APPENDIX A IN THE BACK OF THE BIG 3'S APQP REFERENCE MANUAL.

It all boils down to the significance of say, for instance, if you don't switch work from a piece of equipment, but relocate that piece from one end of your shop to another --> you have to evaluate the potential impact to the processing of said product... sad to say, but true.


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