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We are a manufacturing plant with Hundreds Control Plans in use. We recently had a organizational change that effected the Key Contact/Phone Item #7 requirement in APQP. What is a painless way of addressing this requirement to avoid updating control plans when primary contact personnel is changed?


Instead of using the person's proper name - use the postion title ie; Mfg. Eng. or Q.A Mgr. They names and faces may change but the resposibilities stay with the position.
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The APQP Manual specifically calls out for a name and telephone number of the primary contact responsible for the control plan. I'm not sure if a position title alone meets that criteria.

Does anyone else out there use position titles alone and been audited by their registrar and not get a nonconformance?

Frank45: I know no one ever asks my opinion any more, but do you think simply posting or attaching a "controlled" sheet to the control plan which identifies the new key contact would be sufficient, and we identified the process in our FSIP that the name will be updated directly on the control plan the next time it is revised? Just thinking out loud.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I've only seen them with a position, a specific name and a phone number.

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As you do not have to resubmit the control plan for each change but merely keep an updated copy, and the name is there I beleive for mainly the PPAP stage so that there can be contact if neccesary, after the PPAP usually the responsibility moves from the engineering to the production and anyway the name changes. Use a blanket letter that shows the change, file it with the control plans and update when you update further infomation.
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