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Although I do not work in a QS environment, as an aerospace customer buying large machined parts I like the idea of my suppliers (job shops mainly)devloping some type of product quality plan before they start cutting metal.

How can I gently encourage my under-staffed suppliers to start developing such plans? I do not want to create a bureaucracy and tons of paperwork; I just want them to think a little bit before they start.

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I think it has less to do with 'encouragement' than the fact that you have to define and communicate what you consider your minimum requirements. Do you expect control plans? FMEAs or other risk tools? Be prepared to educate them in how to do what you want. Some companies don't know an FMEA from as SIC.


You could "impose" PPAP type requirements, but a better approach is to show the value of a good APQP / PPAP system. Reduced waste, quicker due dates, less downtime, wtc., are all benefits of good planning. PPAP is simply a verification of the overall planning process from the process / product standpoint. Wouldn't it make sense to do this?

Or, if they cut steel for every new project on time and at 100% productivity, they likely don't need this. But then, as a supplier development person, you will be able to determine this.

I would think that once the value of a good APQP / PPAP system is demonstrated, it would become common to do it all the time.

What else does a company do in lieu of PPAP?


As a supplier of APQP software, most of our customers are in the automotive industry. However, some of our customers have found the methodology used can be adapted to any manufacturing environment, and real benefits can be seen from implementing an APQP system into their design/manufacturing processes.
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