APQP Phase 3 - Team Feasibility Commitment

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We have a machine producing a hudge number of variants (Several products), how can i fulfill Part Name (Frame in yellow), should i fulfill it by all variants, or for each variant i need to associate a Team Feasibility Commitment.

Are there any propositions?

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John Broomfield

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This form is determining feasibility on a part by part basis.

Where you can not fulfill the specified requirements you are asked to mark-up the drawings and specs attached to this form to explain why.

It looks like a design review tool for manufacturability.

Howard Atkins

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The definition of Manufacturing feasibility from the standard is

manufacturing feasibility
an analysis and evaluation of a proposed project to determine if it is technically feasible to
manufacture the product to meet customer requirements. This includes but is not limited to the
following (as applicable): within the estimated costs, and if the necessary resources, facilities,
tooling, capacity, software, and personnel with required skills, including support functions, are or are
planned to be available
The concept continues in many places
The form you show is very similar to the form from the QS 9000 which is over 20 years old.
It would seem to me that you should be looking at a much more improved method of identifying risks in this crucial area

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