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APQP Relationship Diagram

I stumbled upon this forum while looking up some basics relating to GM's GP-11 and GP-12 Procedures. I found a few posts quite helpful so I created an account and I'm now posting my first question.

I'm re-engineering the APQP Process as the Global Head of PM and PMO at the company where I work and hope I can leverage expertise within this forum. If I can be of support to forum members, I'd be happy to share some bodies of work I've either found or created over time.

I'm looking for an APQP Relationship Diagram - something that shows the relationship between the DFMEA - PFMEA - Control Plan, etc. and that also illustrates the details which flow from one to another. I'm struggling to get people out of 'bad habits' which developed over time and get people back to the basics. I've found that the last 3 companies where I worked, have varied in APQP knowledge. This is probably the weaknest of the few companies I've worked for so I'm having to start at a rudimentary level to make sure I don't lose anyone along the way.

Any help anyone has to offer would be appreciated as I create some new bodies of work for the company I'm with now. TIA!
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