APQP Requirements - Product/Process Assumptions and Product Assurance Plan



I'm new to APQP and was wondering if anyone could explain to me what is required in Product/Process Assumptions, and a Product Assurance Plan. Thanks in advance.
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Paul Alexander

A book wich describes APQP is:

"Advanced Quality Planning - A Commonsense Guide to AQP and APQP" by D.H. Stamatis ISBN 0-527-76350-0.

It is available from the ASQ's bookshop at www.qualitypress.asq.org

If you need any specific help, please email me.

Paul R Alexander
Program Quality Engineer (Ford Division)
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One of our customers has stated in their APQP timing plan that we are required to submit Product/Process Assumptions and a Product Assurance Plan. I am not exactly sure what these are and if there maybe a standard format for these requirements.

Paul, Thanks for the info about the book. I will order that today.

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