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Does anyone have any experience of using the powerway QP9000 software on Windows NT 4.0???

I like the package. It has the potential to solve a lot of administrative nightmares relating to our APQP process, but I am having serious difficulties getting it to run with our network configuration.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences, or is it true (as the supplier has tried to convince me) that our systems are somehow different to their other customers.

Many thanks

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I have not used any PowerWay software in some years but the general consensus is that it is not the best software and that the company which produces and sells it is not very agreeable to helping with problems after the sale. My main experiemce was where a package was sold to a client company. I made it clear that they should spec it out well and make the sales rep get it up and running before paying. Well, after paying the company found out most of their desktops did not have enough RAM. Import of legacy documents was not as sales person 'advertised' and transition ended up a cut&paste nightmare. And there were network problems.

I would stay away from Powerway in large part because of the many reports of no 'service' after the sale and in part because of misrepresentation (the case I witnessed) by the sales person of the product attributes and features - much was implied which simply was not as presented.

On the other hand I am willing to bet there are many satisfied customers. Depends upon your expectations.


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I'm being nasty and cross-posting. This guy pissed me off....


I was checking out some prices on software for a client and called Powerway. They gave me a guy named David Armstrong. He flat out told me Powerway doesn't work with consultants. I said I just was trying to get some prices on modules and he told me in so many words prices are none of my business.

From this - before you consider Powerway, consider their attitude and karma. And why do they want to hide their prices anyway?

David Guffey

In other threads, I have already stated my pleasure with POWERWAY's Quality Planner module, which is where the APQP and PPAP stuff all happen. If you are at all doubtful, please get to a POWERWAY user site (one with the latest revisions) or to Indianapolis and see the software in action. I have demonstrated it in my facility to others who have then made their purchase. And, I do this because I am satisfied with the product. I do not get any commission from POWERWAY. Respond back if you want me to contact you directly.
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