APQP Timeline spreadsheet form in Word .doc or Excel .xls wanted

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Thanks for reminding me...

Is there any way that we can obtain the password for the sheets in PPAPALL.XLS that are password protected?

It seems to me that there are some formatting issues that I would like to tailor to my business as well as eliminate the Delphi Packard blah, blah, blah, on some of the sheets that I send to other customers who don't want that on them.

I know it sounds like a lot to ask, but it would help me (and I am sure others) immensely. I know *I* won't be hacking in to Delphi's computers to change PPAPALL.XLS...

I promise.


Howard Atkins

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I do not believe that Delphi will give us the password. Anyone from Delphi here!!!
If you copy the whole page Ctrl A +Ctrl C
and then paste in a new book the logos do not appear in the 2 sheets that I tried and are not protected.
This is a way around. You will have to name the fields I think and do some work but the main work has been done.
All the best


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Re: APQP Timeline spreadsheet?

Hi Howard, I am a Quality Specialist in the Aerospace Industry. Previous to this position I was a Qaulity Engineer in the Auto Industry for 16 years.
I am been given the task of implementing APQP in the Aerspace Sector. So I am using what I feel are applicable elements for this sector and tweaking for fit.
Hurdle or Roadblock is the bye in to the enormous supplybase and part numbers, determing what products require(termed Critical Parts), and what are to be the Key Characterisitcs. Mutiple Primes have there own systems and as the auto industry TS16949 clearly specifies requirements of APQP, AS9100 B does not.
I would greatly appreciate any testimonials, resource material, etc as I am the trainer, administrator for APQP philosphy implementation.

Howard Atkins

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Re: APQP Timeline spreadsheet?

As I understand it in the aerospace industry the process is not the focal point.
The smaller number of parts means that the emphasis is more on the part than the process.

Please be more specific.

Do you want us to show that APQP answer?


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Re: APQP Timeline spreadsheet?

Yes the focal is definitely on the product as opposed to the process. The volume of parts are drastically lower but the increase is in different part numbers.
Are there any examples of FMEA's and Control Plans that are combined as one for part families?
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