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Do you have any experience with this software?

It appears that it can connect the FMEA, Control Plan and Process Flow in minutes and can help us with document change management.

It sounds too good to be true. lol


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I used it in the 90's in my QS9000 days. It was very clunky then. More recently I saw it in use in a few places during TS 16949 audits I was doing. According to the users I talked to it was still clunky.

The good part about it is that it's based on a relational database, so that a change to one thing (like an FMEA) forces a change to other related documents (like a Control Plan). It may be worth the clunkiness to keep things tied together.


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Sort of off topic, but then again...

I used several similar software packages some time back and they were all "clunky", by which I mean they looked like they were old code and had an "ancient looking" user interface. Can't remember the name, but one package I used crashed at least once a session.

If it was me I'd get them to demo it at your facility.

Roland Kelly

I'm with Omnex Systems and would be happy to set up a live demonstration of AQuAPro for anyone interested. We can incorporate salient sample data and show its full features. Indeed the ability to maintain effective linkages between a wide array of controlled documents is critical. (PS. AQuAPro is part of EwQIMS, the most comprehensive QMS Suite on the market today).

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