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Are ISO9000 and QS-9000 Quality Control or Quality Assurance Systems?

Thr ISO 9000 compendium defines itself as Quality Management and Quality Assurance standards. ISO 8402 further defines QA/QC.



Both phrases are no longer used in the new revision of ISO.

You can read in the first pages of ISO DIS 9001:2000 " longer includes the term quality assurance. This reflects the fact that the quality management system requirements specified in this edition of ISO 9001, address quality assurance of product as well as customer satisfaction"

If you read from chapter 0 to 8 on the DIS you will find, that the most frecuent phrase is:
(the next is just curiosity, but is true)

quality management system - 50 times

followed by :

quality objectives 9
quality policy 6
quality manual 4
quality records 3
quality/quality planning 2

"Quality control" is completely absent.


David Mullins

I couldn't resist any longer, here's my contribution.

QC is checking/measuring a product to determine if it meets requirements.

QA is planning for the product to meet requirements by providing capable/appropriate resource, labour, equipment, materials, etc. (this is also a good discription of what managers are supposed to do - if "requirements" is expanded to include fitness for purpose, on time delivery and cost).



Captain Nice
Staff member
Thanks, David. That's how I learned it quite a few years back. As I remember it was on the CQE exam probably 10 to 15 years ago. Your definitions are appreciated!

Dave, the poor speller

David is correct in his definitions. But you have to understand we live in a society that belives a philanderer can support family values.

Whatever makes me feel good (as a top manager) I firmly support quality!

Performance means nothing! Words mean everything!

"Our Policy is to ship on time, every time" Ya sure.

Dave Taylor


Captain Nice
Staff member
Life's a bitch, isn't it?!? We live in a society where a cocaine user is seriously running for president and supports putting people in jail for what he fortunately did not get caught doing. Doesn't do much for 'family values', I agree.

However, I'm not sure what politics has to do with David's definitions. Technically they're still correct. Their inclusion or exclusion from ISO900x means nothing. But yes - there is evolution, including definitions. Until the Clinton 'trial' I never would have defined REDACTED relations as anything other than REDACTED intercourse (as did most others as the poll showed). Now REDACTED relations includes just about any REDACTED overture or detail.

There is no choice except to 'keep up'! Recalibrate ones self. Well, I guess retirement would help solve ones problem if one doesn't want to keep up.

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