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Are model# and Serial # required on a calibration cert?


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When putting together a calibration report, is the equipment ID good enough for most people or is it standard to have model# and serial# on the cert as well. I believe it should be on the report, but because I've been informed external auditors haven't raised a stink about it in the past, I may be over thinking it.

Is there a clause in the ISO 17025 standard that will point me in the correct direction of what is truly required?

It's unlikely to be in the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements - the issue lies in the ABs (Accreditation Body) auditors often have (contractual) requirements over and above what 17025 states. Based on their experience, the i.d method may not be as "unique" as it appears. If equipment can be assigned a similar or the same number (for whatever reason) the unique number is now not so unique - and a description/serial number of a device can help nail it down.
From ISO 17025 g):
"a description, unambiguous identification, and, when necessary, the condition of the item"

From ANSI Z540 f):
"description of, the condition of, and unambiguous identification of the item calibrated"

The requirements are generic, you just have to be able to tie the calibration record to a single item.

In my experience, most calibration labs do give manufacturer, model, serial number, asset number, etc. because we do not know how the customer files their records, so we put them all on the certificate.


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Along with what Andy said, I've also seen (uncommon, but not unheard of) people switching internal ID numbers/ tags. Also, many times calibration procedures and approaches are tied to a particular model number.

So yes, to me, it's a must have on a calibration certificate.

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