Are MSDS Sheets required on ALL items of a chemical nature?



This is probably a silly question, but is MSDS Sheets required on ALL items of a chemical nature including items such as windex, Printer ink cartridges and white out? Thanks.


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It depends upon how each employer reads and understands the law (29CFR 1910.1200 hazard Communications), or whatever state law may apply. Buried within the law is a ststement that implies materials that are used in no greater capacities or in any way different than they would be used by the average consumer are exempt from the MSDS requirement. For safety's sake maintain an MSDS on every hazardous material used in the workplace.

What is a hazardous material you ask? Essentially if you cannot drink, eat or be exposed to a material without some adverse or potential adverse physical harm consider it hazardous. Read and review the definition of hazardous material in 29CFR 1910.1200 to more fully understand.

Therefore even though your question concerning printer cartridges and whiteout may seem silly to some, the best management practice is to keep an MSDS for these items. Remember if it sounds stupid, trust that it will happen. Someone will drink (or sniff) whiteout, or anything else. In fact look at the label on the whiteout, it probably contains acetone or something like that.


It was my understanding that if a product was in its original over-the-counter packaging with a commercial label, there was no need for an MSDS.

I have a hard enough time getting an MSDS on production materials let alone the "once off" stuff.

How would one go about getting an MSDS for white out bought at the local office supply store? After that nightmare, where can I get an MSDS for coffee? Have you ever looked at the list of chemicals in that?



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The coffee I drank in the Marines could be considered hazardous material but not in the workplace. Food and similar materials are exempt (not including Nuk Mam or Kemshi) from MSDS requirements.

To get an MSDS contact the manufacturer. Manufacturers are required by law to provide an MSDS upon request. Or you can go to Yahoo and type MSDS. The best site I have found is thru the University of Vermont.

One question. What is your safety guy doing for you?:confused:
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