ARGH Too Many Internal Audits


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Re: ARGH Too Many Audits

You start tying your audit results to cashflow and you'll start getting the interest you're seeking

Top guys don't want %-this or %-that or PPM or volume count or Quality blah-blah-blah....Top guys want to know how much $ are we making, how much $ are we losing, how much $ can we make, how much $ can we lose....And the time periods involved......As far as they are concerned all the other dribble and tripe is potential fertilizer :horse:


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Re: ARGH Too Many Audits

Chris, you have had some great advice from the various contributors to this post and I understand you wanting to stop and think about what has been said - but I would like to offer another option.

Andy's early comment is the clue when he said you should be auditing processes, not procedures. As a manufacturing company I would guess you have something like the following main processes:

Production planning
Purchasing & goods in
Manufacturing (which may have sub-processes like plating or painting)
Assembly & test
Packaging and despatch

Now, I don't know your company at all but I suspect I am not a million miles away and anyway, you can get the picture. I have attached a sample process flow which might help explain what I am referring to.

I would schedule my audits against each of these processes so I would only have around 10 audits/year to do. If there happens to be say, 4 procedures linked to purchasing, I would take a sample of each and that would be the basis for my audit plus any specifics from clause 7.4 that I might want to add. Remember, auditing is a sampling exercise - you don't have to cover everything every time. Oh, and I would do away with all of the standard checklists - they encourage repetition.

Most of nonconformance and corrective action, etc can be picked up as you bump into them e.g. at goods in or during production - they don't have to be done as a separate audit - unless you decide there are lots of problems there and then you do a specific audit on the subject.

You will need a few more audits on things like calibration, training, management review etc but you still end up with far fewer audits.


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Re: ARGH Too Many Audits

Morning All

Thank you so much for your replies (for some reason i never received email notification) i really appreciate your help and advice.. i will take all your advice and have a good thorough look and try and digest it and hopefully come up with something...

Well its monday morning and something else has landed on my lap... ASME U stamping, something i know nothing about BUT i have to sort out... oh as well as CE marking.. and do i have any additional resource erm....... nope just me, myself and i...

Thanks again so much and please keep the info coming and if anyone knows anything about ASME please get in touch because i need all the help i can get on this one..

PKost - Thanks for your kind words, i really appreciate it i do hope your right..

AndyN - Thank you for the way you put things, it helps a lot when things are broken down in to simple every day things

Colin - you are spot on mate ;-) i have printed off your process map, i will put it with the bits AndyN has given me

Randy - I have started to try and take this approach to NCR's i am trying to cost all NCR's that are raised so there is a 'cost' against them so when i do an analysis top management can see it regarding cost because words just arent enough to get through to them..

Bunny - i only actualy audit every procedure once a year, well saying that with company 1 and 2 it is actually twice a year but that is a full audit because they are small.. i do, do a summary as well but i was finding i was repeating what i had put in the check list a lot so that is something i need to work on a little..

I would be interested if possible to see a sample audit that someone has done.. just the lay out, check list, summary, etc just so i can get an idea..

I am finding everything very difficult and over whelming... i feel i have no control over my own mind at the moment because i am trying to do so much at once.. i end up foggy and very un-productive..

Thank you SO SO much again, i love Elsmar, without you guys i would go NUTS..

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