Article: ISO 9001 Management Systems - Info gathered by ISO/TC 176



Attached is an article that ran in ISO Management Systems. Info was gathered by ISO/TC 176 subcommittee 2.

Just for your info in case you haven't read it.


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David Mullins

good post Cinda, but

Very good of Cinda to spot this one.

Personally I'd say the extent of comments was pretty damned poor. Isolated comments that could have been compiled from training sessions or seminars on topics that would influence outcomes. Likewise WHO were these responses received from? The MD, CEO, Quality Mgr, Storeman, Cleaner?

There was no summary, and no vision development. All this from the TC working on ISO quality standards?!!

We can expect the next version of 9001 to be whatever the TC feels like inflicting.

Finally - no comment from Oz?!
Jeez, they include crap certifiers from Singapore and Indonesia but not Aust.
Hopefully our people declined to comment as the article creators had zero credibility. And I don't think that's changed with the publishing of that garbage.

I would label the article "fairy floss" (I think that's cotton candy in USA). It looks like a big deal, but on examination it's just lolly water spun out of all proportion - it has no substance.

TC176 need to openly state their vision for the future of the next edition of 9001 before 450,000 companies get another surprise packet.

Boy, old people are grumpy aren't they?

David Mullins

Hey Cinda,
You can email me too if you like!
At least you'd know my motives.
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