AS 9100 - Risk Management Procedure and Flow Chart examples



my company is certified EN 9120 and ISO 9001 for stockolding of aircraft and aerospace products. As an implementing in our activities, we're working for AS 9100 certification.
Can you help me with some examples of Risk Management Procedure? :mg:
Sorry my english, I'm not native, I'm italian.
Thanks so much


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Hello Anna,

I have attached the procedure that came with our AS9100 rev. C quality manual download. Hope this helps.


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A good place to start is the iaqg Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH). Section 7.3 covers risk management. I know when we were setting up our Risk Management Procedure our Registrar pointed us towards this document for reference and we found it very helpful


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Funny ... in 2018 the company I'm with hired a consultant to develop an AS9100 QMS - this is exactly the procedure that he provided (Except it is for clause 6.1.2 in Rev. D) including font, the border line at the top, and "Date Printed" notation - exactly the same.


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Some companies maintain a matrix that helps them with the requirements of 4.2 and 6.1 (relevant interested parties, needs and expectations, and risks) that is reviewed at management review. It is often augmented with risk based thinking controls at the process level (ex. quote review checklists). Additionally, some organizations maintain preventive actions and call them risk mitigations when the auditor asks for documented information on how the organization addresses risks.
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