AS 9100 Standard: What is it - Need Information


Laura M


Help! One of my ISO-9000 (working on QS-9000) clients has potential aviation business. Their customer is coming in in 2 weeks - and mentioned they follow the AS9100 standard.

Anyone have a crash course, presentation or anything I could study at my July 4th picnic next week? I haven't dabbled in this one at all. Clues, insites, huge differences, as well as a quality manual that meets AS9100 would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.



Are you familiar with AS9000? I have something dealing with the comparison between ISO 9000, AS9000, and an Aircraft Company's(PWA)own specification. They are all very similar, structured to ISO 9002(94) requirements. It's a system audit checklist showing sample audit questions and to the right, where in the various "standards" the question came from. As you know, I owe you one. If you decide you can use it, I will e-mail you from home. (Don't have it at work)


Laura, I'm assuming that AS9100 is their version of the Q9001:2000 standard. You can anticipate the differences between AS9000 and AS9100 by using the differences between ISO 9000 (94) version and the new one. Just a thought.

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From a presentation I received a few months ago:

-AS 9100 adds 83 additional and specific requirements to the 20 elements of ISO 9001
-11 amplifications of ISO 9001 paragraphs are also inserted

-Emphasis is placed on Design Control, Process Control, Purchasing, Inspection & Testing and Control of Nonconformances
All areas that have the greatest impact on safety and reliability for aerospace products

I can send you the presentation via e-mail if you would like. Obviously, the first step would be to get a copy of the standard from SAE. A copy of AS 9101 (Quality System Assessment) would be helpful too.

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I will e-mail you an Allied Signal Aerospace document titled "Comparison Summary AS 9100-ISO 9001". It is the 1994 ISO standard versus the AS 9100 standard (not sure what date).

Laura M

Thanks gang,

In answer to some of the questions -

I haven't seen the AS standard yet - planned on ordering today. Thanks for the ordering information.

Received the email from Oscar - thanks - and Energy Yes, please send. I hate to wait too long to collect on IOU's. I may owe one back after this. The company is in a panic!!!

Thanks all

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