AS9000 Revision - On The Way


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Subject: ANNOUN: New AS9000 underway/Vianna
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 14:33:16 -0600
From: ISO Standards Discussion <[email protected]>

From: "Vianna, Sidney" <[email protected]>
Subject: ANNOUN: New AS9000 underway/Vianna

Please note that a revised AS9000 document is expected for sometime, later in 1999.

Representatives from the American and European Aerospace Industries are working towards an international quality system standard for the aerospace industry. Such Standard will be based upon SAE AS9000 (US) and prEN9000-1 (Europe). The revised Standard is expected sometime in Summer 99.

DNV Certification offers free AS9000 information seminars, in Long Beach, California. The next one will be on June 30th For further information call Dawn Szajowski at 562 435-1908

Thanks and best regards,

Sidney Vianna

barb butrym

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So what are we to expect? An update to a hardly used standard....will this make it more popular, ya think?


Just posted it for 'reference'. AS doesn't appear to have taken off except for a what - Boeing?

Lemme see now, we also have a TL9000 for telecommunications. Will every industry want it's own '9000' standard? QS, AS, TL - what else is there up to now?

barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions
I know....its getting to be a bit much. All because people don't use common sense.....all the extras are there, between the lines, but without black and white direction, so many are completely lost...IN WALK THE CONSULTANTS. I can say that 'cause I am one. LOL
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