AS9100 7.5.1 Control of Production disagreement of intentions


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Background: We are a machine shop and we have two buildings approximately 3 miles apart. We use travelers as our record of production (physical paper) and good/scrap parts are logged into our ERP system the day after production. The satellite facility only has machines in it and the only work we perform there is machining. There is no purchasing, shipping, or any other processes other than 'run this part'. On a daily basis, parts that were machined at the satellite facility are brought down to the main plant. The main plant does machining and all support processes.

For the most part, the parts sit until the job is complete, however occasionally some parts are needed to be moved to the next operation of the traveler (which is located at the satellite facility) before the operation is completed. This brings up the question of conforming to 7.5.1, specifically g and h, that I can think of, there may be another part of the standard that I am not seeing. The parts at the new operation do not have the original traveler, it has a photo copy of the traveler which is typically a blank copy of the traveler. The traveler copy at the machine does not have any buy-offs or may have buy-offs from steps prior to the one currently running.

I am saying this violates the standard as we use the travelers as our record of production and the parts at the new operation do not have accountability from previous operations.

The General Manager is saying we do have accountability at the other facility, the original and the copy traveler will account for the parts. He is also saying the intent of the standard is not to disrupt the production process.

If you were auditing and came across this, would you issue a corrective action and if so, against what clause(s) or is this an acceptable practice?

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I agree with you. You have a "split order". So process the "split" so that ALL the product has full accountability.

If we have 100 pieces at Op 20 and want 30 pcs to go to Op 30 while the other 70 pcs finish Op 20, we copy the router, adjust the quantities as router 1 70 pcs and router 2 as 30 pcs.

Each set of parts has full paperwork package and each package shows it was split.
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