AS9100 A - Small aerospace company - What section do I follow?


jethehiker - 2006

I have read all the threads and did not see an answer to my question.
I just obtained the new standard and I'm confused. what section do I follow Section no.1 appears to be ISO9000:2000 and section no.2 appears to be ISO9000:1994(AS9100 No rev)I am a small aerospace company, and as per my major customers being required to be AS9100 certified. I put a lot of work into the current quality system which would meet AS9100 (no rev) .
Do I have a choice as to what section I follow.

Thank you in advance for the help


My understanding is that you have a choice until the end of 2003. At that point, you must comply with AS 9100 Rev A which follows the 9K2K format. To my knowledge, none of our customers have imposed the AS 9100A standard..........yet.
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