AS9100 and FAIR - When to do them


Good morning.

I have reviewed both AS9100 and AS9102 plus several threads on this forum.

My question is do we need to carry our a full FAIR on an aerospace customer even if they have not asked for it ? Ie do we need to complete it and store and and renew them as per the requirements ( ie 2 years lapse in production, ). We will always have our first off inspection records and should always be able to compile a FAIR from our records when the customer asks for it maybe a year or more later. I am just unsure if we need to complete if they dont ask for it at the point of ordering. We also charge for our FAIRS. So even if we did them, could they refuse to pay and we could decline to supply it ? ( again usually after the order ).

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Fitchy,

According to AS9100 section Production Process Verification doesn't explicitly require you generate a document (report), although it can be evidence that you provided results to the customer. In any case, I find very unusual that your customer does not ask for it. You should clarify the topic with them before taking any route.

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Many A&D suppliers charge for AS9102 reports and many A&D customers do not require them, it is not unusual.

Complying with doesn't necessarily mean using AS9102 - you can satisfy this via your standard processing/measuring, but records of how you do it ARE required: "The organization shall retain documented information on the results of production process verification."

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We make tooling, so we aren't usually required to provide FAIR in accordance with AS9102, but we do have few customers that require it. We identify the requirement at estimating and contract review. If the scope of work does not include FAIR, then we provide our usual tool inspection package.


Hi all.

Thank you for the info so far. As some comments above we do identify the requirement when called for at contract review, and we carry out the Fair there and then on that job. Its just MANY of the fair requests come after the event, or on long running jobs where parts are just called off year after year.

It seems from the above so long as we carry out our routine inspections and records and have the ability to compile a FAIR at any point after the initial manufacture that this would be suffice.

Thank you once again for your input. :)

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Here is one take on the question we ran into.

AS9100 Section under Contract Review includes "requirements not stated by the customer, but necessary for the specified or intended use, when known; ". If the purchase order somehow missed inclusion of FAIR requirement, but you know the circumstances are such that FAIR is typically required by this customer, you must clarify requirements with the customer before accepting the order. The customer-specific quality requirements document may have language which defines added FAIR requirements, such as you agree not to charge them.

Any delay in payment on a technicality, even if you later submit the FAIR when asked, will likely hurt you more than it hurts them.
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