AS9100 Auditor Certification Requirements


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Anybody know what requirements need to be met to become an auditor for AS9100?

Are there any training courses for AS9100 auditing?

Does anybody do AS9100 auditing?

Why is there air?


SAE AIR 5359 section 7 details the requirements for the "Qualifications and Experience of Auditors" with regard to AS 9000 and AS9100.

I can't help you too much on your other questions. Our registrar currently only has one person who is qualified and blessed by the RAB.


You can order the standard (AIR 5359) from SAE at:

or call 724-776-4970

It has a great big copyright warning on the cover so I can't offer to send you a copy. Unfortunately, I believe it cost my company just over one hundred clams and it is only sixteen pages! Be prepared for sticker shock when you go to order one.
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