AS9100 Chemical Label Requirements


AS9100 Chemical Label Requirements, I have some conflicting information from an external auditor..

So in AS9100 8.5.1.p

The organization shall implement production and service provision under controller conditions.
the control and monitoring of utilities and supplies (e.g, water, compress air, electricity, chemical products) to the extent they affect conformity to product requirements (see 7.1.3)
I understanding labeling IPA alcohol bottles with safety information, but do you need expiration dates an date codes per the standard?
My alcohol supplier doesn't have expiration dates and the CoC's / barrels don't have manufacture dates or date codes.
What is the actual requirements other than meeting OSHA labeling requirements?
Thanks in advance!

Cari Spears

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If there are no shelf life considerations to worry about, then you don't need shelf life information on the label. Geeze, Louise.
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