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AS9100 Clause 7.4.1 Purchasing Process and Approved Supplier List Records


Starting to get Involved
I just started at a company and we are preparing for our AS9100 audit. I was reviewing the ASL on file and I noticed they have companies like (Verizon Wireless, City of Englewood, United Health Care) on the list. I asked why these were on the list and they told me the registrar made them include them. This seems a bit overboard to me? Do we need to document suppliers like this? It makes our ASL register grow to over 400 suppliers.


To dwhite624: No, those "suppliers" do not need to be on your ASL. Read what kgott wrote on Oct 25, 2011. It is very well stated and is an excellent argument for not adding your phone company, electric company and city government to your ASL. However, in my 20+ years in this business I am also realistic enough to know that all Auditors are not created equally and they all have their own set of interpretations when it comes to the standard...even when official "interpretations" have been given it is somewhat interesting to hear their perspective on those.

In contrast to my original entry on October 11, 2011 I have added a few suppliers to my ASL that I would not have originally thought would be there. They are my Certification Body, the temp service we sometimes get employees through and the company that does our safety training (we outsource that task). I realize arguments can be made for both sides, but my suggestion is make a decision based on your company's system, needs and environment. Develop a legitimate reason for doing it that way, document it and stand behind it.


Eloy Gomez

I agree, where does it stop? What about the electric company?
I certainly thank you all for your inputs and opinions. I have made the decision to not include the 3rd Party Auditors, the Registrar nor the Temporary Employment Agency in our ASL. We'll see what the Registrar says in December.

Thanks again...Mike!

Hello, interesting thread. What was the final outcome?
I think Sindey said it best back on post 18:

"So, once again, we have a situation which shows that the authors of ISO 9001 could have done a better job, in terms of clarifying the requirements."


The final outcome was that I added the 3rd Party Auditors (which have since been removed), the Registrar and the Temporary Employment Agency. It's a small price to pay for peace.
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