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Hello everyone! We are in the process of implementing a new SAP system called Movex. This program controls our inventory for manufacturing and generates job travelers and CoC's, etc.

My question is how can I maintain compliance with the AS9100 Section 4.2. All my QMS documents require Form numbers, revision code and date. I have been told by our new owners (who are only ISO) that the system will not allow form numbers to be entered.

I fear the registrar will have a field day with this at next year's surveillance audit. :mg: :sarcasm:

Any advice on what I should do?



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With a few exceptions, most all of 4.2 is ISO (very limited AS9100 add in's). With the exception of
The documented procedure shall define the method for controlling records that are created by and/or retained by suppliers
The organization shall ensure that personal have access to......
everything is ISO9001:2008 so what ever method they are using should be transferable.

I don't know anything about Movex as I/we do not use that software, but if it's a typical ERP then I don't know if there is too much to worry about. If the software generates a form that you previously had, then remove the old form from the active list. I do not have the 'documents' that our system creates as 'controlled documents' (such as PO's, shippers, and travelers) since they are generated by a computer system. During our audit, the auditor did not make any comments on this although he did look at most of the document types.

The ERP system maintains the record that can be printed out as needed so this should be covered as well.
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