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Hello all, relatively new to this forum, but not to Aerospace. I currently work in Quality at a place that is AS9100 certified with design authority. Everywhere else I have worked hasn't had design authority. My main question is, if any manufacturing is done by a supplier (sub-tier) and not this actual company and they are not AS9100, is there any way around that from a qualifying perspective? I don't ask to try and skirt doing the right thing. I simply want to know if there is any way that being AS9100 with design authority selling product to customers that part of the product was manufactured by somebody that isn't AS9100. I know it sounds like a dumb question for some, but typically this wasn't something I have run into before, not working anywhere that had design authority. I believe the answer is yes.


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Your suppliers do not have to be AS or ISO certified - according the those requirements. It’s down to your choice and risk tolerance, nothing more or less. Hopefully, your supplier selection process doesn’t mandate it - especially if you bought your QMS documentation, its often written that way. And, it has nothing to do with owning design authority.

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AS9100 doesn't require that you use AS9100 suppliers, design responsible or not. However, check your customer requirements. We do aerospace tooling and have a number of customers that specify the use of Nadcap, AS or ISO registered suppliers - especially for special processes - or we have to get permission to use them first. Some customers only let us use suppliers on their approved supplier lists.
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