AS9100 Friendly ERP Recommendations


My company manufactures made-to-order materials for aerospace engines and is in need of an ERP that conforms to AS9100 out-of-the-box. We're a slowly growing company of approximately 20 people and, after 15 years, outgrowing Excel. Does anyone have recommendations for an all-in-one software solution for inventory management, shipping/receiving, material tracing, purchasing, accounting, sales/marketing/customer service, project management, product development, production line management, HR functions, quality control, document control, maintenance, measuring calibration, QMS (internal) auditing, AS9100 audits, etc? We've tried ECi's M1 but it has problems with our lot numbers (which contain letters) and doesn't seem to have good provisions for quality control (and has a lot of functions we would never need).

I'm especially curious if anyone has experience with ProShop ERP vis-à-vis AS9100D conformance.


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(Note: my comments are a few years old as I am not in Aerospace anymore).

The only 'real' ERP I have used in the recent past is ECI JobBOSS (formerly E2). It did 95-98% of everything when you set it up properly (which is time consuming). When I used it, we used the server version as we had to worry about ITAR restrictions. Where I work currently we use the web version of E2 (good thing I already had experience with it). I prefer the server version but that is just me.

Note: I am not affiliated with ECI in any way.
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