AS9100 Internal Audit Frequency - Audit all AS9100 elements within a specific timeframe?


Hello! Been a very long time since I have been here…

need advice - see title - Is that required? Where is the shall? I’ve looked at ISO 19011 and AS9100. Zero requirement.
I have looked at AS9100, ISO 19011, and AS91-4 for grins….no shall statement For the client.

I have an action request to cover all of the AS9100 standard in our internal audit plan…said within a 3 year cycle was not performed. And, the requirement is to audit all unaudited elements to close out the action request!

and this was written up as a Major finding.:oops:

our audit plan is risk based and importance based so it does not cover the entire AS9100 standard in a 3 year cycle.

According to IAQG Procedure 210, clarifications provided by the International Document Representative/Sponsor with agreement of SMC Sector Focals are summarized in the AS9100-Series Clarification Document (Feb 2024). These published clarifications are binding where the 9100-series standard leadership believes a published response is necessary since it has a profound impact or understanding upon the use of the standard or
when a significant dispute exists. The applicability of each clarification to the 9100, 9110, and 9120 standards are indicated in this document.

This document can be found on the IAQG website > Standards > AS9100 >Resources 9100:2016-Series – QMS: Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations Standards Clarifications.

Clarification for your question starts on page 22.
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