AS9100 Re-Cert Audit - Auditor concerned with OSHA regulations


Let me start by saying this is my 1st post. Love ... Love...Love ... this site. I've learned sooooo much!! I need a little help.....

I work for a small machine shop in NJ; mostly defense work. I've been the Compliance Manager for roughly 14yrs. I've never had an issue with audits/auditors in the past.... until this last audit.

Normally, the auditor would come in & it's the usual: Sign off any prior Findings (if any), MRM, CAR Log, Purchasing/RI, Planning, Production, Calibration, Shipping/Receiving, etc. He would go right down the standard. During this past audit, I had a new auditor in & he was really hung up on OSHA regulations. Eye Wash expiration dates, OSHA Signage... just to list a couple....kinda outta the norm for and AS Audit.... I "thought".

I know AS calls out Regulatory Standards...but I kinda felt like he was going way beyond the typical AS audit. Here's where I'm reaching out to you... thoughts??
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Re: AS9100 Re-Cert

The auditor is auditing way out of scope. Occupational health and safety is not within the scope of AS9100. The statutory and regulatory requirements AS9100 refers to, are PRODUCT related. Not OSHA, not SOX, not ADA, etc. It is worth linking this ISO APG Paper again.

The auditor must have background with occupational health and safety as they tend to go to where their comfort zone is, but you should relay this information back to his CB. Professional and competent auditors know how to navigate within their scope of audit. This one seems to need some assistance in sticking to the program.
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